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Getting my foot in the door at the Olivier Awards

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College is all about having once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Being a college student means that more options are available to you to try amazing things and fulfill some of the things you’ve hoped and dreamed about for years. It takes a lot

The secret utilities of Gannon University

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As a tour guide, I get to show both potential and accepted students how I see Gannon and Erie. One way I do that is by mentioning all the “secrets” and “life hacks” I’ve discovered in my time here, the

A fiesta in your mouth: Mexican restaurant in Erie


Whenever I want to eat somewhere other than my own kitchen, I usually hit up one of the many Mexican fast food restaurants Erie has. I don’t discriminate on any of them; they are different and have different options that

A&P Club speaks on present and future

AP Club

As Gannon University comes to the end of the spring semester, the Advertising and Promotions Club – A&P – will also be finishing up its first year as a club on campus. The club officially became recognized last semester and

Scaly friends in on campus apartments


One of the best parts about living at home is being close to your family pet. Those animals are often your best friends, providing love and unconditional support to you whenever you need them. When you move away to college,

RUNDOWN: Driving blood, riding bulls, and American Hustle

Rundown 4-4

Monday April 7th: Delta Chi will be selling donuts in Waldron today! Tuesday April 8th: Phi Eta Sigma will be having a blood drive today in the Hammermill from 11am to 5pm. Wednesday April 9th: From 12:30-1:30pm in the Student

Crossing cultures at Islamic Night

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Without divulging any current beliefs, I was raised a Lutheran in the small town of Waterford, Pa. (about 30 minutes away from campus). It’s safe to say I did not grow up with a strong sense of other cultures, be

Posting secrets


“I am literally dying to be skinny.” “If my friend hadn’t knocked on that window, I wouldn’t be here today.” “I want to run down AJ’s Way naked.” These are some of the secrets of the students at Gannon University,

‘Celebrate Gannon’ acknowledges academics

Celebrate Gannon

Students and faculty united Tuesday for Gannon University’s “Celebrate Gannon,” an event that highlighted platform and poster presentations in areas of undergraduate research, undergraduate scholarship, graduate research, engagement and creativity. Research and scholarship presentations ranged across all majors, including psychology,

Winter is ending, Springtopia is just around the corner


From January through April are undoubtedly the worst months in Erie. The holiday seasons have come to a close and mentally we’re all over the snowy weather. Yet, here we are coming upon the commencement of March and still being