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Moving on up to the top


Why are changes so hard to deal with? Just think, has there ever been a time in your life where the thought of doing something you have never done before frightened you? It could also be exciting. But why do

U.S. Institute of Technical Theatre: Say cheese!


The United States Institute of Technical Theatre (USITT) held its annual conference in Wisconsin – land of the cheese! This conference allows students and professionals who are involved with technical theatre to discuss the latest techniques, news, job opportunities and

No good deed goes unpunished


To no one’s surprise, I recently finished a show – “The Children’s Hour” by Lillian Hellman. I played Martha, one of two teachers involved in a scandal at a boarding school in the 1930s. During one of the performances, I

‘Allison’s Hour’


To kick off my last semester on campus, I’ve begun rehearsing for the Schuster Theatre’s production of “The Children’s Hour.” The play focuses on a trouble-making student who makes an accusation against two female teachers at an all-girl school. I have

Backstage and on-stage adventures


1. To create the look of stained glass windows for the Schuster Theatre’s production “Lives of the Saints,” the crew and I used shower liners and paint.  2 & 3. Over fall break, I went with students from the theatre

My life is more interesting in pictures


Sometimes, words just aren’t enough to describe certain experiences. In her newly redesigned blog, assistant multimedia editor Allison Kessler offers you an inside look at life on campus.  

Students Inherit the Spirit of Giving

Every year on campus, Gannon participates in Hunger and Homelessness Week, a week on campus to raise awareness for those in need in our community. This year, Gannon joined hands with Catholic Charities and Second Harvest Food Bank to create

GU Theatre Students Share Fringe Experience at Conference

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to go to Westminster College to participate in the Pennsylvania Communication Association’s annual conference. I, along with two other theatre students, went and talked to a panel of professors about our experience at

Shutter Closing, Eyes Opening to the Beauty on Campus

This semester I am taking a photography class. Yes, it is the old, black and white, load film yourself type of photography class. Just recently we took our cameras around campus to get some shots. Our teacher, Lori Steadman, is

‘Gospel’ Returns from Scotland with Valuable Lessons

I am back from my experience at the Fringe Festival! I could not have prepared myself for all the opportunities that were in front of me.  Being able to perform on an international stage in front of an audience filled