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Faith, hard work and graduation


As both a Christian and a senior, Easter and graduation have particular meaning and it’s truly unbelievable how quickly these momentous occasions have crept up on me. They have led me to reflect on my life as a Christian and

Bad mood? Say a prayer and move on


You ever have one of those days where absolutely nothing seems to go right? You try to the make the best of a situation, but everything you do either gets shut down or makes the situation worse. I recently had

A new approach to New Year’s resolutions


Many people use the beginning of a new year to better themselves in one way or another. Setting a new year’s resolution can be a fun challenge, but it comes with great responsibility to hold true to this goal for

My finals week: Study, eat, tweet, pray, repeat


Without a doubt the most stressful part of my semester was finals week. Turning in papers, taking exams and wrapping up any last-minute chance to solidify the grade you want is completely unnerving. Initially I thought this finals week was

Final Advising Day leads me to reflect


One of the most inevitable aspects of college is that it will be challenging. Balancing the workload and time outside of class can be enough to knock you off your feet. Advising Day here at Gannon never fails to do

Renewed focus on faith for the new school year


Welcome back! The start of the new school year is always filled with anxious excitement for me. I am motivated to start my new classes, and I love seeing friends on a regular basis again. I also look forward to

Prep for college, have faith in ‘you’


As the name of my blog may suggest, one of the topics I like to discuss is faith. While I normally like to place an importance on faith in terms of religion, I’d like to take a step back from

Ready, Set, Summer

Finals are over, the studying has stopped – unless of course you’re taking the MCAT over the summer like I am – and vacation plans are in the making. It is one of the exciting moments of college life where

Staying spiritually faithful in relationships

Being a relatively logical thinker (or so I like to believe) I have always enjoyed solving riddles, doing puzzles or even thinking through my organic chemistry syntheses. I find the challenge of problem solving to be one of the most

Little blessings inspire big growth in faith

As I’ve grown in my faith, I’ve learned the importance of seeking out ways to maintain a consistent prayer life and search for opportunities to explore how God may be acting in my life. I ponder retreats I have attended,