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Cap & Gown feat. Jake Slease


As I listen to today’s radio, I can’t help but have a notion that there is a war going on over something we all do every day. I am well-versed in conspiracy theories, and I think I’ve stumbled onto something.

So tell me what I want (what I really, really want)


When I was in high school, I had to complete a senior project to graduate. That project was to be completed in a few parts, and one was a task known as job shadowing. Job shadowing, for those not familiar,

The language of life


Sometimes we need perspective in our live to see what we really have. That is exactly what I received when I met Alex Nyamachabo. Alex – which I assume is his Americanized name – is native of the Congo, a

Why I’ll remember what I’ll remember


I want to talk about psychology, something that my co-blogger Matt would be better suited to talk to you about. In the field of psychology there is a theory known as the serial position effect. This effect was first introduced

What 30 refugees taught me


When you become a tour guide, you gain another title: storyteller. I tell stories about Gannon, but I also hear new stories about people – what students have done, what they are doing now and their future plans. As I

Using the force of charisma


There is something to be said about charisma. Either you have it or you lack it. To some it’s a mystery. It is a skill and a character trait. It can be learned or it can be natural. It can

Chasing the sun (and a ’90s band quote)


There is a small overpass on Interstate 79 that I pass under every time I return to Gannon after a weekend at home. It is not located near any significant cities and is miles from an exit. It was probably

Intuitive design: A 4-year-old with an iPhone?


On my recent trip home to see my family for the weekend, I was momentarily baffled. As I was watching cartoons with my 4-year-old niece, she grabbed my phone and started searching silly YouTube videos about cats. I wasn’t baffled

Summer reading helps with “Getting Things Done”


“You can do anything, but not everything.” This quote has been running thought my head for the past week. To me, it’s inspiring. It reminds me that we don’t have forever. We are given a finite amount of time to

Warehouse symphony: Creating something from nothing

A warehouse symphony