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Getting my foot in the door at the Olivier Awards

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College is all about having once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Being a college student means that more options are available to you to try amazing things and fulfill some of the things you’ve hoped and dreamed about for years. It takes a lot

The reality of college: Knowing your limits

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It seems for a majority of my academic career, I’ve been striving for excellence. Even in kindergarten, I was determined to have the best macaroni art in my class. I’m not quite sure how this intrinsic motivation for perfection all

Speaking publicly at Celebrate Gannon


I’m a great public speaker. There, I said it. I’m not trying to sound like a braggart, but after three years of competing in speech and debate, two years of coaching it and eight years of theater, I think I’ve

Crossing cultures at Islamic Night

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Without divulging any current beliefs, I was raised a Lutheran in the small town of Waterford, Pa. (about 30 minutes away from campus). It’s safe to say I did not grow up with a strong sense of other cultures, be

Managing the best college station in the nation

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“Wait, we won what? Best College Station in the Nation? Shut up, I’m going to cry.” These eloquent words were said by yours truly when I received the phone call that 90.5 WERG won the best college station in the

The people you leave behind: Siblings and college

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Over the course of four years living away from home to go to school, you tend to grow up. You not only get older, but you have experiences that can’t be replicated as a high school student or while living

The dreaded computer meltdown

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You hear a lot of horror stories through the college grapevine: So-and-So got locked out of their room in their bath towel; there was an unplanned quiz in one of your classes, etc. Perhaps the most terrifying of all the

The view from the director’s chair


“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.” Of course those players wouldn’t know what their entrances and exits

Moving on out

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Four score and well, four years ago, leaving home was the ultimate goal. When deciding on college, I knew I wanted to be somewhere a little farther away from home. I didn’t want to live at home; I wanted to

Cold weather and busy streets: An unconventional spring break trip

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When people think of stereotypical spring break plans, they often picture beaches, sunshine and relaxation. People envision flocks of students rushing the Jersey shore or Florida beaches, as they do their best to forget that they still have half a