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The almost perfect game

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A lot of people think that preparing for any sort of event may take a few hours at the most. In reality, preparations begin the moment the event is announced. For sports personnel, that moment is when the schedule is

Despite distance, brothers’ bond endures


Leaving home for my freshman year was, and still is, one of the most emotionally trying things that I have gone through – telling my dog I would be back soon, promising old friends to stay in touch, my mother’s

Keeping it upperclassy

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You’re a wide-eyed freshman, sitting in the first introductory class that pertains to your major. The professor prattles off information about your future career, including classes you’ll eventually take as an upperclassman. The professor then comments about the upperclassmen and

Stand-up doesn’t let down

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It was a steamy 92 degrees in the car on the way down to Burgettstown, Pa., last Saturday. Our windows were rolled down to desperately catch some air, as the A/C unit in Crotty’s car was broken. Our unofficial fourth

Working on the edge

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Walking across campus as a senior is an interesting thing. No matter where you go, it’s sure to stir up some memory somewhere. Four years is a relatively short time, but the amount of memorable moments crammed in there is

Don’t panic!

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As of last night, I have had exactly two panic attacks in my life. The first one displayed the normal symptoms: shortness of breath, a racing heart and feeling faint. Yesterday’s attack was much more serious. I woke up with

The big lesson: Learning to fail

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When I stepped onto campus four years ago, I had no idea what would come of my time at Gannon. I had no idea who I would become, who I would meet, what I would do here. I was nervous

Carefree travels in Indianapolis

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A few months ago, I wrote a blog about how my friend Lydia and I were going on a road trip to Indianapolis for a concert. Over Easter break, Lydia and I finally made the trek to the city in

Performing a mental health ‘reset’

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I had the privilege of attending a lecture given by Stacy Pershall, a woman plagued by several mental illnesses. She battled an eating disorder and borderline personality disorder for a majority of her life. Her lecture was about living and

Obsessed with Jim Gaffigan

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As Carrot Top once taught us, comedy often has the potential to be very, very unfunny. From the screaming, arm-flailing antics of the Dane Cooks of the world, to the spoken-word art of former musician Henry Rollins, comedians spend their