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Witnessing the birth of a hockey tradition

Winter Classic Penguins hockey

It’s not every day that there’s a hockey game outdoors. True, it happens once a year now, but when they planned the Winter Classic at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, NY for New Year’s Day 2008, it was still a

Arctic Monkeys, Taylor Swift top list of favorite song covers

Arctic Monkeys

Everyone loves music covers. I love them because I can listen to my favorite song played 20 different ways by 20 different artists.  They can turn a song I hate into the song I play on repeat for weeks. There

Mary Kate’s top 10 Halloween movies

Hocus Pocus

The spooky season is upon us, friends. What better way to get into the spirit of the season than by watching some classic scary flicks? Here’s a top-ten list of my favorite Halloween movies. Hopefully it gets you guys into

PLAYLIST: The wonder of fall


Fall is, as the Germans say, a time of “wonderblitzen” (flashes of wonder). In fact, if fall isn’t your favorite season, I probably don’t trust you very much. Here I have compiled a playlist of my fall favorites to help

Return to lacrosse proves painful


When someone says that something is “like riding a bike,” they usually mean that you remember how to do it relatively easily, even after a long break. This same syllogism can be applied to sports. Once you learn, you are

Measure your life in love (and/or concerts)

Preoccupied copy

If you’ve seen the musical “Rent,” you’ve likely heard the lyrics “Measure your life in love.” Well, I don’t exactly measure my life in love. I measure my life in concerts. I feed off seeing my favorite bands perform live.

The almost perfect game

club hockey

A lot of people think that preparing for any sort of event may take a few hours at the most. In reality, preparations begin the moment the event is announced. For sports personnel, that moment is when the schedule is

Despite distance, brothers’ bond endures


Leaving home for my freshman year was, and still is, one of the most emotionally trying things that I have gone through – telling my dog I would be back soon, promising old friends to stay in touch, my mother’s

Keeping it upperclassy

Preoccupied copy

You’re a wide-eyed freshman, sitting in the first introductory class that pertains to your major. The professor prattles off information about your future career, including classes you’ll eventually take as an upperclassman. The professor then comments about the upperclassmen and

Stand-up doesn’t let down

IWriteWords copy

It was a steamy 92 degrees in the car on the way down to Burgettstown, Pa., last Saturday. Our windows were rolled down to desperately catch some air, as the A/C unit in Crotty’s car was broken. Our unofficial fourth