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Learn to Teach: Even Teachers Get Test Anxiety

Although it’s my senior year in college, I’m faced with the same pressure I felt in high school: test anxiety. I remember studying for the SATs and ACTs, cramming my brain full of rote facts and taking a plethora of practice tests. I was worried about the “big test” and wanted to score high so that colleges would accept me. Believe me juniors and seniors, I was once in your shoes, and the studying paid off.

Now, the cramming is back as I prepare for the PRAXIS Test.

The PRAXIS Tests measure subject content knowledge and specific teaching skills that you need to begin teaching. Yes, in order to be a teacher you must pass several PRAXIS Tests. This Saturday, I will be taking two PRAXIS Tests here at Gannon: Education of Exceptional Students: Core Content Knowledge and Elementary Education: Fundamental Subjects. Each test is two hours in length.  As I review flashcards and take practice tests, I feel more confident on the material and assure myself that I will pass. However, the anxiety still runs through my body and I say, “I have to pass. I want to be a teacher, a successful teacher.”

Knowing the results of this test will reflect what I have learned. I can confidently say that the education professors at Gannon have supplied me with enough knowledge and foundation to pass the PRAXIS Tests. So, as you prepare for the SATs or ACTs, reflect on the material and ask yourself, “Who has supplied me with the knowledge I need to pass?” Most likely your answer will be… a teacher. Wish me luck!


Come back next month and read up on David’s results from the PRAXIS and begins the process of student teaching preparation!

David Reichard, Class of 2011, elementary and special education

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    How did the praxis test go?

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