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Just keep studying, just keep studying…


Just keep studying, just keep studying…

It’s finals week at Gannon, and underclassmen and grad students alike are hitting the books in the places where they focus best. So we were wondering: What is your favorite study spot on campus and why?


Jesstin Hamm, sophomore communication arts major:

The power room. It has more computers than the library. It’s quiet but can also be social – I can’t study in complete silence.


Todd Paropacic, sophomore theatre and communication arts major:

I like studying in the study rooms on the second floor of the library. They’re secluded and peaceful and have a nice view of the street.


Heather Monroe, sophomore nursing major:

The power room. It’s less occupied than the library and has more computers. Also, the vending machines are actually on the same floor!


Luis Pontillo, senior theatre and communication arts major:

 The sky lounge on the third floor of Nash. No one ever goes up there, so naturally it is the quietest place on campus.

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