What is Edge?

You’re at the edge of a new phase of your life, trying to figure out what it means to transition from adolescence to adulthood.

We’re at the edge, too, transitioning from high school to college to whatever comes next, and we want to share our journey with you. We’re providing a cutting-edge way to help you look ahead to the next phase of your life.

We are Edge, a student-produced online magazine aimed to reach out to prospective students and their families about what Gannon University has to offer. We’re coming to you from Erie, on the edge of Lake Erie, on the edge of Pennsylvania. Through authentic stories, photos, videos and interactive content, we strive to give you a comprehensive view of the campus community.

Edge is all about you, and we want your feedback! Feel free to comment on the site, e-mail us at edge@gannon.edu or call us at 814-871-5741.