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Cruising the waters of Presque Isle Bay


As the summer sun shines on Lake Erie, the Victorian Princess cruises the waters of Presque Isle Bay, just a short walk from Gannon’s campus. The 112-foot paddle-driven vessel offers regular cruises carrying up to 123 passengers and crew. In

Science through the looking glass

Graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks line the shelves of the chemistry department. Gannon’s Zurn Science Center is home to many  programs — including chemistry, biology and engineering.

Signs of summer come to North Hall

As summer approaches, Gannon’s campus is green with foliage. In this photo, the trees are in full bloom outside of North Hall. North Hall opened in August. The first batch of occupants just moved out for the summer at the

Student athletes spend summer at GU Field

While much of Gannon’s campus will see relatively little activity over the summer, student athletes will take to the turf at Gannon University Field preparing for their next season. This photo was captured in between practices at Gannon University Field,

Spring blossoming on Gannon’s campus

With finals approaching, spring is finally showing its face here on Gannon’s campus. It’s time to take a look outside as the blossoms welcome summer vacation. This is a gorgeous time of year in Erie, so don’t miss the opportunity to be part of

1,000 Words: Edge’s home, sweet home in the Office of Admissions

It looks like a nice home from decades ago, but it’s so much more. Welcome to the Office of Admissions, where Edge and the admissions staff work hard to help those interested in attending Gannon University. If you have any

1,000 Words: Best seat in the house

As “The Cherry Orchard” closes, seven more shows are about to open. The theater department is continuing a miniature replica of the International Scotland Fringe Festival – at which we in the department were privileged to perform last August –

1,000 Words: Studies and studios at the Nash Library

Gannon’s Nash Library is the best place to spend time if you are trying to stay on top of your work. Not only is it an ideal study area, but it also houses the multimedia studio and the TV production

1,000 Words: Presidential Christmas Decor

In the weeks following Thanksgiving Break, Gannon transforms from college campus to winter wonderland. Trees, wreaths and lights decorate the campus from top to bottom, accompanying the snow that comes with the winter weather. And there may be nowhere on

1,000 Words: A Bite of the Big Apple

This is the canopy of the GE Building at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, home to the many television shows produced by NBC. After I attended the New York City trip hosted by the Activities Programming Board at