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Gannon contributes $500,000 to Erie

Gannon donates

Gannon University announced it was contributing $500,000 to the city of Erie at a press conference held Tuesday. The contribution, announced by Gannon President Keith Taylor, Ph.D., will be used toward public safety initiatives in the city. The Erie Times-News

5 things to know about social work


A Gannon student gets the unique experience of finding a major that is just right. With the help of the faculty and other students you can find your niche. One major that might be the right fit is social work.

Gannon OT alum: GU led me to ‘the right place’

macioce feature

As I look at where I am today, I realize that Gannon has played a major role in defining where I ended up – not just career wise, but also personally. Today my days are filled wearing a variety of

How to hide an airplane factory

When I was seven years old, hide-and-seek was the best game ever. It has everything you could ask for in a game: a winner and a loser, a seeker and a hider. It has moments of suspense, triumph and bitter

Students Form Faith-Based Family at Kirk House

Community is one aspect of college life that Gannon University treasures. There are many clubs and organizations on campus to which students can belong to find their college family. These organizations are based on common interests, including sports, the arts

Q&A: Erie-GAINS w/ Shay Meinzer

Shay Meinzer, Gannon’s director of community development, explains the brand new Erie-GAINS program that was launched this year. What is Erie-GAINS? Erie-GAINS is the Erie-Gannon Alliance to Improve Neighborhood Stability. It is a program designed to help Gannon come together

VIDEO: Gannon Helps to Keep Erie Safe

Gannon actively works to improve the quality of life for students on campus and people in the community. This fall, GU provided new vehicles and equipment to the Erie Fire Department. Check it out in this Edge :60. - Tyler

PHOTOS: GU Students Serve the Community on GIVE Day

Each year, over one thousand students participate in Gannon’s Invitation to Volunteer Everywhere — also known as GIVE Day. This past Saturday, students went out into the community to help with various jobs and projects while gaining team-building skills and

The Numbers Guy: Junior Year = The Best Kind of Busy

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while. I’ve been extremely busy with school, work and fraternity things. It’s nice not to have to wake up at 4 in the morning and go to work anymore. However, adjusting back to homework, studying,

Student Voices: What’s Your Favorite Part of Greek Life?

The TV series “Greek” and the movie “House Bunny” may not depict Greek organizations in the best light. At Gannon, however, the Greeks defy this stereotype, participating in Greek community events, volunteering at various locations, and showing leadership on campus.