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The real work behind student teaching

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During the last semester of their senior year, many education majors head back to the classroom. No, they haven’t been skipping class for the last four years. They’re heading to elementary, middle and high schools for two placements as a

St. Peter Cathedral School announce collaborative Professional Development School

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The School of Education at Gannon University and St. Peter Cathedral School in Erie have announced a collaborative program that is designed to improve student learning at the school while offering enhanced educational opportunities to students at the nearby university.

University announces newest online-only program


Gannon University has been expanding beyond the City of Erie and increasing its digital presence. The master’s of education degree is the university’s newest online program. It joins other master‘s degrees in business administration, public administration and engineering management, as

‘Allison’s Hour’


To kick off my last semester on campus, I’ve begun rehearsing for the Schuster Theatre’s production of “The Children’s Hour.” The play focuses on a trouble-making student who makes an accusation against two female teachers at an all-girl school. I have

Shaping Lives and Leading Healthcare: More Ways to Use Your Gannon Degree

Stacy J. Dobbs-Camino ’05M, ’06C Education My Gannon experience began when my sister, Jennifer Dobbs ’03, recommended that I complete my master’s degree at the University. It turned out to be one of the best pieces of advice I have

Opportunities Abound for Gannon Education Majors

If you’re considering a major in education, you already know there’s a whole lot more to learning to teach than making bulletin boards and coloring. The first step is deciding which education track you want to be on. The education

Reading With Your Son: A Bonding & Learning Moment

When you walk into an elementary education classroom and observe the bookshelves, what type of books do you typically discover? “The Very Hungry Caterpillar?” “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?” “The Rainbow Fish?” Now don’t get me wrong, these

Q&A: Erie-GAINS w/ Shay Meinzer

Shay Meinzer, Gannon’s director of community development, explains the brand new Erie-GAINS program that was launched this year. What is Erie-GAINS? Erie-GAINS is the Erie-Gannon Alliance to Improve Neighborhood Stability. It is a program designed to help Gannon come together

Learn to Teach: Even Teachers Get Test Anxiety

Although it’s my senior year in college, I’m faced with the same pressure I felt in high school: test anxiety. I remember studying for the SATs and ACTs, cramming my brain full of rote facts and taking a plethora of

Experience Gannon (and Meet Edge Staff!) at Fall Open House

Come spend a day at Gannon. Join us for Fall Open House on Sunday, Nov. 7. Open House participants will have the opportunity to attend mass at the Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel. After opening remarks by President Antoine Garibaldi,