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The double life of a college student


I’ve never really heard someone say, “Man, I’m sure glad break is over. It was just way too long.” To most people break always ends too soon, but I can honestly say that this time around I began to miss

Old friends, new friends, fun friends, blue friends


With winter rolling in, I can feel that the semester is almost over, which is equally exciting and frightening. OK, it’s certainly more exciting. But on a serious note, I am faced with the reality that I will return home

Embracing the excitement of first semester


Introducing Edge’s new freshman blogger, Alicia Fassinger. Alicia, a sport and exercise science major from Pittsburgh, will be relating her experiences as a member of Gannon University’s class of 2016. Freshman year of college is one of the most exciting

Chasing the sun (and a ’90s band quote)


There is a small overpass on Interstate 79 that I pass under every time I return to Gannon after a weekend at home. It is not located near any significant cities and is miles from an exit. It was probably

State of Mind: Commuting from Tennessee to Erie


Introducing Edge’s newest blog, “State of Mind” by Conor Grey, class of 2014. Originally from Smyrna, Tennessee, Conor will be blogging about what it’s like to be attending college far from home. The beginning of the year is always an

7 ways to conquer homesickness


The first few weeks of college are always tough. Getting used to being away from home and living on campus can be difficult, especially if you’re not local to Erie. Here’s a few suggestions to help you get over homesickness

Paris rules, but home’s nice, too


I have approximately three weeks left in Paris. Twenty-one days. I don’t really know where all the time has gone. Paris has become my city, a place where I can try new things and explore and live in a way

What I learned from watching “Friends”

And the word is: cohabiting. It’s no secret that living with another person is hard. Ask newlyweds or siblings or cloistered monks, and they’ll have a lot to say. Ask college students, and they’ll have even more.

RELAX! Tips on getting your mind off of school

Having just finished finals here at Gannon, we asked some of our peers what they do to get their minds off of school and relax. Luis Pontillo, junior theatre and communication arts major: After spending my first year in college,

Students Give Thanks for Support

Since Thanksgiving is just days away, we thought it would be fun to find out for what students are thankful. Here’s what a few Gannon students had to say:   Emma Mancini sophomore, biology/pre-med major:I am thankful for my friends and