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Moving on out

Talk Break copy

Four score and well, four years ago, leaving home was the ultimate goal. When deciding on college, I knew I wanted to be somewhere a little farther away from home. I didn’t want to live at home; I wanted to

DON’T SAY IT! Avoiding words for senior year


“Hey, how does it feel to be a…” DON’T SAY IT! “Are you excited that you’re going to…” I CAN’T HEAR YOU LALALALALA! These are my reactions to the innumerable questions I am receiving about my last year of college.

Granting a Twilight Wish

Twilight Wish

During this semester, I took Business Policy – a course that is required of all senior business majors to graduate. I did not have much enthusiasm for participating in this class during my last semester at Gannon since it has

Moving on up to the top


Why are changes so hard to deal with? Just think, has there ever been a time in your life where the thought of doing something you have never done before frightened you? It could also be exciting. But why do

Walk on: Thoughts from a graduating senior


Back when I was in high school I took nightly walks around the neighborhood. I took the same pre-determined path almost every night – one that was very easy to remember and was just a little more than a mile.

Conor Potter: Where’s my letter from Hogwarts?


Life can be pretty disappointing at times. For example, I’ve been waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter for nine long years now. Not to worry, though. I’m sure it’s just mixed up in the mail! But on a more serious

Why I’ll remember what I’ll remember


I want to talk about psychology, something that my co-blogger Matt would be better suited to talk to you about. In the field of psychology there is a theory known as the serial position effect. This effect was first introduced

Don’t rain on my parade (just hire me!)


The word(s): don’t rain on my parade Even though I’ve got a few years before graduation, I sometimes like to poke around job search engines. Why so early? Whether I’m watching the news or standing in line at Wegman’s, I hear phrases

Final Advising Day leads me to reflect


One of the most inevitable aspects of college is that it will be challenging. Balancing the workload and time outside of class can be enough to knock you off your feet. Advising Day here at Gannon never fails to do

Minor considerations after a major change


I’m halfway through my first semester as a psychology major and things are going really well. I’m getting all A’s and loving my classes, teachers and classmates. And at this point, most people are aware of my switch, so I’m