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Working on the edge

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Walking across campus as a senior is an interesting thing. No matter where you go, it’s sure to stir up some memory somewhere. Four years is a relatively short time, but the amount of memorable moments crammed in there is

A letter to my freshman self


Dear college freshman me,   Hey, you, congratulations on graduating and starting college. Hard to believe where the last four years have gone, right? I know that feeling; I’m experiencing it right now. Friends are out and I’m sitting at

Hitting the road after graduation

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Well this is it, my last blog. I know, I know it’s a sad moment in all of our lives. I want to thank you all for listening to my ramblings over the last semester; it’s been a blast. After

Commence the commencement

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It’s finally almost here, the day many seniors have been anxiously waiting for or dreading.  It’s what every student works toward during their college years. It marks the end of an era, and quite possibly the end of formal education

Tips for making the homestretch


Easter break came at the perfect time this year- right in the middle of April, now we have a little over a week left of class and then finals week! Here are a few tips to get you through the

Moving on out

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Four score and well, four years ago, leaving home was the ultimate goal. When deciding on college, I knew I wanted to be somewhere a little farther away from home. I didn’t want to live at home; I wanted to

DON’T SAY IT! Avoiding words for senior year


“Hey, how does it feel to be a…” DON’T SAY IT! “Are you excited that you’re going to…” I CAN’T HEAR YOU LALALALALA! These are my reactions to the innumerable questions I am receiving about my last year of college.

Granting a Twilight Wish

Twilight Wish

During this semester, I took Business Policy – a course that is required of all senior business majors to graduate. I did not have much enthusiasm for participating in this class during my last semester at Gannon since it has

Moving on up to the top


Why are changes so hard to deal with? Just think, has there ever been a time in your life where the thought of doing something you have never done before frightened you? It could also be exciting. But why do

Walk on: Thoughts from a graduating senior


Back when I was in high school I took nightly walks around the neighborhood. I took the same pre-determined path almost every night – one that was very easy to remember and was just a little more than a mile.