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Nursing a tough class load


It’s a typical day; you wake up, pull on your scrubs, walk out the door and head to your clinical training for a long, busy day at the nursing home. Well, at least that’s a typical day for sophomore nursing

Click Thru GU: Morosky Academic Center

Besides the Morosky College of Health Professions and Sciences — which includes both classrooms and the Patient Simulation Center, Gannon’s newest academic building also includes the Courtyard Cafe. PREVIOUS: Student Health Center > Learn your way around campus! Check out

VIDEO: Health Careers Start in Morosky Academic Center

Welcome to the Robert H. Morosky Academic Center, where all members of the health science community come together to learn. We’ll take you inside with junior nursing major Tyler Babcock. Want to walk around more of Gannon’s campus right from

Dust Off Your Lab Coat for Science Saturday

Have you ever pictured yourself in a pristine white lab coat with a career testing chemicals and solving the world’s problems? Even if you haven’t thought that far ahead and simply enjoy your science and math classes now, why not

Home Base for Health Sciences: Morosky Academic Center

Many non nursing, pre-med, medical technology or other health related majors don’t see this building during a regular academic day. But for those students who are, the Morosky Academic Center is a second home.