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Gannon A to Z: L is for LIFECORE


While at Gannon, you’ll find that college is not just about obtaining a diploma. It is about discovering who you really are, what you believe in and the way that you want to live your life. LIFECORE is a program

Gannon A to Z: K is for Kenilworth


Dating back to their construction in 1924, Kenilworth Apartments have been a cornerstone on West 6th Street. Purchased by Gannon in 1981, Kenilworth houses 120 students in units that accommodate two to five people. Why is it called Kenilworth? University

Gannon A to Z: J is for Jesus

A lot of people come to Gannon to get closer to Jesus. It’s actually pretty easy; he is right outside the Waldron Campus Center. Located in the middle of the campus is a life-size statue of Jesus as he sits

Gannon A to Z: I is for Ichthi

Ichthi is not only the Greek word for fish, but the name of Gannon’s Catholic faith-sharing group. Members meet Thursday nights in the upper lounge of Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel to discuss everything from theological questions (Does prayer work?

Gannon A to Z: H is for Harborview

One of the most unique residences on campus, Harborview offers two-, three- and four-person apartments for upperclassmen. The building’s centralized location on West 6th and Sassafras streets makes for a short walk to just about anywhere. In fact, University Police

Inside the musical mind of Prof. George

Everybody on campus knows Prof. Annmarie George is a music-lover. That’s what makes her Intro to Music class a “must-take” for so many students. But here are a few things you might not know about Prof. George. Hometown: Erie, Pa.

Gannon A to Z: G is for Erie-GAINS

Gannon A to Z: G is for...

AfterThoughts: Everybody’s looking ahead

The editors anticipate all that next week has to bring, including concerts, musicals and…Hogwarts? Allison Kessler, assistant multimedia editor: Worried about fixing rope lights in the theatre…

Gannon A to Z: F is for frogs

Gannon A to Z: F is for...

Gannon A to Z: E is for Environaut

Gannon A to Z: E is for...