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Gannon receives grant from ArtsErie to support summer Shakespeare project


“Neither a borrower nor a lender be,” Polonius famously remarks in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” but while the Bard had an aphorism for any occasion, he had nothing to say about receiving grants. Still, it’s not hard to imagine him shouting “Bravo!”

Trip to a Forbidden Planet and Theatre Camps

Keeping myself busy this summer is not really hard to do. Most of my time is being spent in rehearsals for the two Shakespeare Summer Nights shows, “Richard III” and “Return to the Forbidden Planet.” These shows will be performed

Acting and Unwinding in Erie This Summer

Today, we’re launching another new blog on Edge. “Picture This” belongs to our photo and assistant video editor, Allison Kessler, a junior theatre and communication arts major. I just finished my sophomore year here at Gannon, and wow, it went

Eternal Sunshine: Taking the Scenic Route to My Future (And Stopping at Dollar General)

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This  may be true, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the most practical route. There are times in life (especially in college) where it seems like you’re going from point

Student Voices: Edge Staffers Share Their Summer Plans

Summer is here! For some students, that means working a summer job or getting an internship. For others, it’s a great time to relax or take a few extra credits.  We asked some of our staffers what their big plans

Summer Break: Should I Stay or Should I Go Now…

As the semester closes and summer plans are being made, many students are faced with the decision of spending the summer months in Erie or back at home. Is it worth it to pack up almost a year’s worth of