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Eternal Sunshine Approaches Dusk

If you’re reading this – my last blog entry – I want to thank you. You, the prospective college student making your way through the maze of postcards, packets and emails sent to you by colleges across all 50 states,

Luck o’ the Irish? Students Talk Superstitions

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of today’s holiday and the “luck o’ the Irish,” we decided to ask a few Gannon students what they do for luck and if they believe in superstitions. Cristen Manion, freshman theatre & communication

Student Loans: Scary, But Worth Every Penny

“Congratulations! Our records indicate that you will graduate in May or August of this year.” You can imagine how excited I was to read those words in a letter I received from Gannon two weeks ago.  Who wouldn’t be ecstatic

Trials of a Math-Fearing Theatre Major

It’s not that I hate math, it’s really just that it scares me a little. Let me explain. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly appreciate the intricacies of mathematics. I just don’t exactly love being the one to… how should

Living “A Lie of the Mind”

Hola Amigos! So last time we chatted, I was getting ready for “A Lie of the Mind.”  Well, the Schuster Theatre has been crazy lately. “A Lie of the Mind” (or as we cast members call it, “Lie”) opens this

Eternal Sunshine: Sing for the Moment

I know people say over time interests and hobbies change. That very well may be true, and someday I may not enjoy writing as much as I do now, but there is one part of my life that I don’t

Explore Humanities, Education and Social Sciences on Map Your Future Day

On Oct. 22, Map Your Future day will showcase the 20-plus degree programs Gannon has to offer in the humanities, education and the social sciences. These programs include more than just writing and performing; check out our history, foreign language,

Eternal Sunshine: Lights, Camera… Ramen Noodle Salad(?)

No two people are the same. Fingerprints, hair color, style of speech, beliefs, likes and dislikes make every person unique. In quite the same way, no two years in college – particularly at Gannon – are the same. Each year

GUEST BLOG: Livin’ It Up in Freshman Hall

Matt Germeyer is a freshman theatre and communication arts major from Pittsburgh, Pa. He is a 2010 graduate of John A. Brashear High School. Read his guest blog to find out what his freshman year has been like so far.

Eternal Sunshine: Thesis and Hairspray and … Bears, Oh My!

Where did the last three years go? Don’t ask me… because I sure don’t know. I came to Gannon as a 17-year-old theatre hopeful in the fall of 2007 just trying to fit in and start some new classes, and