Make Life Goals, Not New Year’s Goals

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    Something that I have noticed at the beginning of each and every year is that people come up with goals that are very ambitious. Some of these are great goals that you are able to keep up with throughout the year, however, many of these goals are almost impossible to stick to. The […]

First is Florence!

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Hello Everyone, My name is Jason Wood and this will be my first post here on the Gannon Edge website. My interests include social media, writing, and vlogging as well. I feel that social media is a way for me to express my creativities and for me to have my followers relate to my lifestyle. […]

The First Step to Becoming an NFL Publicist

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my first written post to my blog. Today was the day I started my new job at the Gannon Edge. This job is a work-study through Gannon University that will be a resource more like a laboratory to pour out my creative ideas. I believe this will allow good creative content […]

Winter Tips from an Erie Native

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  The first snowfall of the year is an exciting time. It’s the time of hot chocolate and fuzzy socks. It’s wonderful—until you realize that here in Erie, the snow doesn’t stop. As an Erie native, I’ve become accustomed to this reality. Over the years, I’ve learned some important tips to surviving an Erie winter.  […]

How to Plan a National Park Trip

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I know planning a big National Park trip can look like one of the most daunting tasks to achieve. Looking at the big picture and then all the little pieces, it seems like there are just about a million things to get done and plan. However, you just have to take one step at a […]

My Top 3 Crime Documentaries

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In this blog, I will be giving short summaries of many interesting crime documentaries that I have watched on Netflix. Here are some of my favorites:   Documentary #1: Evil Genius   If you haven’t heard of Erie’s most famous crime, this documentary is a must watch! This documentary is all about the Pizza Bomber […]