Education fieldwork survival guide

This is a field placement survival guide written by an education majors for education majors. Field experiences are your first taste of what it is like to be a teacher in a classroom. It is nerve-wracking because you’re in front of the students for the first time. To make things worse, you have a supervisor […]

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An English teacher learning to teach science

As a Middle Level Education major I have to be prepared to teach upper elementary math, social studies, and science even though my concentration is English. This is why I have to take some science classes, even though I ultimately want to teach English. This semester, I took two of the science classes Middle Level […]

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School of education hosts Harry Potter learning carnival

Gannon’s chapter of the international education education honor society Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) held a Harry Potter themed learning carnival last semester for children in the boys and girls club. This event is part of literacy alive, KDP’s service initiative that promotes literacy in the chapter’s community. As a KDP member, I was more than […]

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Field Trips at Field Work

Every education major at Gannon has to do field placements where they go into a classroom at a nearby school to observe teachers, interact with students and learn more about the field of education. Usually, field placements are tied in with education classes. This semester, I am taking Concepts of Natural Science, which is a […]

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What This Education Major Learned From Taking Calculus Over The Summer

Being a double major in Middle Level Education and Theater, I take classes over the summer so I can come as close to graduating on time as possible. As of Spring 2016, I still had one math class left – a class that many other education majors have said is ridiculously hard. I started looking for an alternative. After […]

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classroom 2

My Experience in Education Field Work

Last month marked my last days of field work at Villa Elementary School. I can truly say that this placement has been one of the most worthwhile experiences of my entire life. I learned a lot from both my cooperating teacher and the students. Now let me take a moment to look back at my entire […]

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teaching with interruptions

Teaching with interruptions

It all begins with a plan. I had a lesson coming up the next day, and I planned one I was absolutely proud of. I incorporated a technique I saw in a video I was just dying to try, and found a way to include puppets in another. If I’d thought of a great lesson, […]

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Why my hobbies matter as an educator

A few weeks ago during my field work, the music teacher was going to be absent. She knew a few weeks in advance. Normally, I spend every Tuesday and Thursday morning with my cooperating teacher, but a couple times I followed the 6th grade to music class. In the first music class I observed, the […]

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From Teacher to Director

This semester, I crossed two artistic achievements off my bucket list. I wrote an original play and saw it performed, and I directed my second show. While I have been fascinated with playwriting since attending theatre workshops in high school, I have always been interested in directing. I guess you can say I have been […]

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Mentally Prepping for Placement

  That time of year is nearing again. Fall placements are about to begin for all education majors.  For three weeks of every semester, all education students go out in the field to learn from current teachers and work in their classrooms. For some education majors this is the best three weeks of the entire […]

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