Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season. I’ve been thinking that to ease back into classes, it might be nice to see a few more internet gems that we’ve been checking out over the past few weeks.

– Copy Editor Chelsey Klube turned me on to this one. She’s always finding interesting social media and digital news on this site called Mashable. Today they ran an article trying to predict how trends on the internet will change in the year to come.

– There is one thing on my bucket list that I have always wanted to do, but am still too chicken to actually do it. Skydive. But a few days ago I found a video demonstrating how you can skydive using Google maps. It’s an amazing experience without ever leaving the safety of the ground.

– The internet is packed with millions of websites devoted to aiding your college search. Lucky for us, U.S. News and World Report issued their list of the ten best college websites. Check it.

Here's one of the photos I edited in Picnik after our production of "Spelling Bee" last year.

– It seems like every time I have some spare time on the internet I spend it editing photos. There are tons of cool sites you can use to edit for free, but I have to say my all-time favorite is Picnik.

– I adore music. Named one of the top 100 websites by 100bestwebsites.org, Billboard Magazine gives the best all-in-one low-down on everything music. You can count down the most popular songs in every category, sample new music before it’s released and see photos and video of the hottest artists. WARNING: Just like Stumble Upon last month, this is another site that can easily soak up several hours of time. Use it wisely!

Have your own favorite websites you want us to check out? Share them below in a comment!