All Miller No Filler: Life (and More College) After College

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So in keeping with the name of this cleverly titled blog which will hopefully actually be recurring enough during my last few weeks at Gannon to warrant the snappy title, I’m going to cut the chase. No filler, as it were. As a senior in my final semester, I’ve had to think a lot about […]

Meet the Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Miller Pick the Oscars

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Hey! It’s Edge’s friendly neighborhood Co-Editor in Chief, Adam! The Oscars are almost upon us. The ceremony is coming up this Sunday night, so to prepare for the biggest awards show of the year, I thought it’d be fun to get some picks from the experts – well, sort of. I asked my mom and dad […]

An Introduction to the MAT Program at Ruskin

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As you may have heard by now, Gannon has introduced a new Master of Athletic Training (MAT) program which is available to students at both the main (Erie) and Ruskin campuses. The program is designed to prepare students for professional careers in the growing field of Athletic Training. To better introduce students to the Master of […]

Album Reviews

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Ruminations: Conor Oberst – 3.5/5     The word “rumination” means deep thought and consideration, which is exactly what Conor Oberst put into his most recent album. Released on October 14th, Ruminations is Oberst’s 10th solo album. The entire album is recorded using only a guitar, piano, and harmonica. Furthermore, he has never been known […]