Residence Life offers roommate advice

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Living with a roommate can be a rewarding and enlightening experience. But when music blares past midnight and dishes pile up in the sink, the claws come out. Like all aspects of college, it is not without its challenges and solutions. Conor Grey, a senior pre-med major, is familiar with the more common problems that […]

Erie A to Z: A is for art

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For the city’s art enthusiasts, there’s no more welcoming hangout than the Erie Art Museum. Exhibits, performances and workshops comprise the museum, which strives “to maintain an institution of excellence dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the visual arts.” And it has been successful. In 2011, the museum was awarded the National Medal for […]

An app for every occasion

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A while back I wrote about the five apps every college student ought to have. While I was searching for them, I came across dozens more that had nothing to do with academia, but still seemed worth investigating. Some, like Flashlight, were purely practical. I even downloaded the Red Cross’ First Aid app. It seemed […]

5 apps every college student ought to have

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Smartphones are handy for looking up important info and finding your way around via GPS. Let’s be honest, though, the apps that get the most use by college students are probably Twitter and Instagram. I know I’m guilty. Here are a few that can help (rather than hinder) your studies: 1. StudyBlue puts a digital […]

Un-slumping myself

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The word: un-slumping There’s undeniable truth to the concept of the “sophomore slump.” Take Hootie & the Blowfish, for example. (You know, the group who sang, “Well there’s nothing I can do, I only wanna be with you.”) Their debut album, “Cracked Rear View,” was released in 1994 and sold more than 16 million copies. Hootie’s […]

Editor likens crossing street to final Washington battle

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“My favorite thing about Erie is the snow.” Said no one ever. In fact, harsh winters are arguably the worst aspect of day-to-day life in “the mistake by the lake.” They’re certainly the most talked about. The second snow begins to fall, students take to Facebook, posting pictures of snow-covered lawns and praying for canceled […]

Tales from Edge: Secret Santa

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The Edgers take some time to enjoy the holidays with a secret Santa gift exchange, but the mastermind behind it all has different plans. [youtube_sc url=””]

Don’t rain on my parade (just hire me!)

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The word(s): don’t rain on my parade Even though I’ve got a few years before graduation, I sometimes like to poke around job search engines. Why so early? Whether I’m watching the news or standing in line at Wegman’s, I hear phrases like “in this economy” or “with the job market so bad,” or my favorite, “the […]

Z is for zoology

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Students who study biology must examine every living organism, from a single cell to the largest ecosystem – or all creatures great and small, as the poem goes. For those particularly interested in the processes and behavior of animals, Gannon’s zoology courses are surefire favorites. Taught by Dr. Edward Phillips and Dr. Steve Ropski, zoology […]

Y is for Yehl Ballroom

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Club dances, faculty lectures, grad school fairs, concert band performances…they all happen in Gannon’s Yehl Ballroom. Its high ceilings, elegant decor and central location make it the ideal space for big events on campus. But who is behind the name? The ballroom, on the third floor of Waldron Campus Center, is named after Msgr. Addison […]