You Ought to Know: Mr. Joe

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Joe was a guy tough to get a hold of over those holidays. Once he answered his phone late last week, though, he was good and friendly, and excited to talk, all ready to show me what he’s up to with this thing he calls the “Thousandaires’ Club.” From what I picked up through him […]

You don’t need to leave town to see great art

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You don’t need to leave town to see great art. Yes, really. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you want to look at great art, no city in America beats Erie, Pennsylvania. “No city, Pen? Really?” you query. Yes, really. No city beats us: Toronto, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, New York… “Surely […]

REVIEWS: MGMT, Chvrches, Bill Callahan, Kings of Leon

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MGMT MGMT Columbia 2 Stars After the surprise success of MGMT’s debut “Oracular Spectacular” in 2008, the duo of Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser become indie superstars. However, the two of them have been distancing themselves from their first album ever since. After confusing fans with their sophomore release, MGMT’s self-titled album pushes them even […]

A man with a plan

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Over 40 years ago, Bill Strickland took over the Bidwell Training Center, a rundown building without any windows located in an impoverished section of Pittsburgh. While others sat around taking bets on how long Strickland would last at the center, the Pittsburgh native set about to changing the culture at Bidwell with a fresh perspective […]

The Erie Phil Turns 100

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The early-evening sky was imbued with the setting sun’s deepest red hues, high clouds extending in a flow like fingers over the open waters of Lake Erie and the people-packed lawn of Liberty Park. It was a rich, deep-color backdrop for a colorful, history-rich night in the Flagship City. On the lakefront amphitheater’s stage, Conductor […]

Street fashionista: Terese’ Johnson

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We loyal fashion followers look to the September issue of all the major magazines – yes, 995-plus pages – for the new look: that cool, crisp breath of fresh air, the current vibe and the pulse on what is ooohingand aaahing even the most frigid of fashion dictators. Summer and spring are playful and fun, but fall and […]

Killer rabbits, pigs blood, and old owl eyes come to the big stage

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As one chapter ends, another begins. And with “Legally Blonde: The Musical” soon coming to a close, so does the Erie Playhouse’s 2012-2013 season. But don’t be too sad, as this means that we are less than a month away from a brand new slate of musicals, plays, youth shows, and special events. Erie Playhouse […]

Tall ships anchor in Erie

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Starting Sept 5, Erie will host its second tallships festival, Tall Ships Erie 2013. It kicks off with the Parade of Sail when nine large masted ships – including our own Niagara – will cruise into Presque Isle Bay under full sail, and the city will undergo four days of festivities, lectures, music, and, of […]

Dramashop: Theater in process

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This excerpt was from an article by former Edge contributor Alex Bieler, ’11, originally published in the Erie Reader on Apr. 1, 2013. It’s a chilly Tuesday night, one of those unsurprising Erie evenings when the weather doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with the average person’s wishes. Luckily, I’m indoors, where the room is warm and the […]

You ought to know: Sarah Purvis

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“My body became my art form – my expression.” Something broke in Sarah that first time she leapt through that proverbial barrier of ballet; it then consumed her. “I was engrossed with the attention to detail and the exacting of each muscle.” I have had the honor of watching my dearest friend continually excel at […]