GU Speak: Meet Me in the Power Room

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It’s a situation many students have been in before: The night before your paper is due; you sit down armed with your book, notes and caffeine, ready to produce the greatest paper your teacher has ever read… and your laptop dies. Totally and completely unresponsive, the only compressible reason being either karma or Murphy’s Law.

GU Speak: What Exactly is OcSOBERfest?

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OcSOBERfest is an annual, free Halloween party put on by students for students. KnightLIFE, the alcohol-free campus event planning club, organizes an evening of ghoulish entertainment. A play off of the traditional German Oktoberfest, OcSOBERfest has activities like karaoke, “Guitar Hero,” Halloween-themed games like “Wrap the Mummy,” and a fiercely competitive costume contest. Students pile into the gym […]

GU Speak: What’s A.J.’s Way?

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“GU Speak” is a new monthly post that lets you in on the lingo used around campus. A.J.’s Way is the brick walkway running from 7th Street to 8th Street next to Zurn Science Center. It is named for A.J. Palumbo, who donated $1 million towards the renovation of the Academic Center that also bears […]