All About Dr. Steve Ropski

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If you ask almost anyone on campus, “Who’s Dr. Ropski?,” they’ll probably be able to tell you he’s a well-loved, zany professor who has a passion for the environment and for Gannon students. However, while a lot of students know how successful Dr. Steve Ropski is in biological research, they might not know all of […]

ASK EDGE: Student Questions, Student Answers

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Ask Edge is a new feature here at Edge where our editors will answer questions asked by interested high school students. Want to ask a question? Drop us a line via Twitter (@gannonedge), Facebook or email  at Or, if you’re on campus for a visit, submit your questions in the Office of Admissions. Colin […]

VIDEO Q & A: Carol Hayes Talks College Essays

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What’s the difference between writing in high school and writing in college? And what are some tips for writing great college application essays? Get answers from Carol Hayes, an English instructor at Gannon. Rock the vote — for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave!

VIDEO Q & A: Julie Coppolo, Office of Admissions

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Decision time is looming for high school seniors, but don’t panic! Julie Coppolo, assistant director of admissions, has some calming words and practical advice for anyone in the college search process. More questions? We’ve got more answers. Check out the complete Q & A series. More advice is coming later in the week in the […]

Video Q & A: Admissions 101 w/ Miles Vida

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As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s an important time of the year in the college search and application process. We turned our Edge camera on Miles Vida, assistant director of admissions at Gannon, for some pointers. Whether you’re a high school freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, find out what steps you should consider taking at this point […]

Q&A: Campus Security

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Should I be worried about walking home after dark on Gannon’s campus? The Office of Police and Safety offers the Gannon University Escort Service Team (G.U.E.S.T.) to enhance students’ safety and peace of mind when walking home after dark. G.U.E.S.T. will provide you with a walking escort to or from any location within a reasonable […]

Q&A: Financial Aid w/ Renee Huefner

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Renee Huefner, assistant director of the Financial Aid office, answers your financial aid questions. What is financial aid? Financial aid is really a broad term. It’s used to describe any type of funding that a student can receive to help pay for college. That includes grants, which are typically need-based; scholarships, based on merit or […]