Cold weather and busy streets: An unconventional spring break trip

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When people think of stereotypical spring break plans, they often picture beaches, sunshine and relaxation. People envision flocks of students rushing the Jersey shore or Florida beaches, as they do their best to forget that they still have half a semester left to study. This was not my plan. Late last semester, a group of […]

Housing how-to’s

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Housing is something that can make or break a college experience. As a freshman in a new environment, you’re probably randomly assigned a roommate who may turn out to be a close friend or someone who is barely tolerable. However, going into your second year of school you’ll be able to pick your own roommates […]

REVIEW: A fangirl talks “Fangirl”

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There is a huge difference between being a fan of something and being a “fangirl.”  A casual fan might read all the books in a series, or see all the movies and could tell you their favorite part. A fangirl (which by the way, is almost a gender-neutral term) definitely read every book in the […]

Gathering in praise every Thursday

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As a Catholic university, the Gannon community finds it important to promote faith in a way that is easily accessible to students. There are many opportunities for students to celebrate their faith, even if they aren’t Catholic. Gannon’s campus is close to many different churches and temples for those who practice various religions. There’s also […]

Laugh/Riot presents a play with “No Exit”

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“Hell is other people.” No, for once I’m not talking about the population of your 8 a.m. class, or the obnoxious group of people you saw in the cafeteria at lunch. This quote comes from “No Exit,” the most famous play written by Jean-Paul Sartre, an existentialist philosopher. Published in 1944, the play tells the […]

Minding the gap; From kid to adult

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When you get to college, many times you think that you have to be an adult. You have to make grown-up decisions, and take care of yourself, and use big words in conversation. While some of that is true (and your professors might appreciate your vocabulary), it’s not always the case. Yes, living on your […]

Just another interview

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It was a busy Thursday afternoon at my internship—everyone in the office was racing back and forth attempting to get everything completed before the day ended. I was just handed a huge stack of files to invoice when my phone buzzed, seemingly innocuously. Once I had a free moment I checked it, realizing it was […]

The beauty of syllabus week

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At the beginning of each semester, many classes go through a period that students lovingly refer to as “Syllabus Week.” This phrase comes from the sometimes true stereotype that professors won’t start teaching anything during the first week of class, instead using class time to go over their schedule for the semester, expectations of the […]

5 Ways to remotivate

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Coming back to school after winter break can seem like the worst thing in the world. You were just getting used to sleeping in and being lazy when the time to return to campus finally arrived. But coming back to campus and to class doesn’t have to be painful! Here are a few ways to […]