No good deed goes unpunished

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To no one’s surprise, I recently finished a show – “The Children’s Hour” by Lillian Hellman. I played Martha, one of two teachers involved in a scandal at a boarding school in the 1930s. During one of the performances, I said my last spiel and I left the stage in a state of crazy because […]

Theatre impacts the heart and mind

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By the time you all get to read this, another show at the Schuster Theatre, “The Children’s Hour,” will have come and gone. But its impact will linger on. Warning: Spoilers and thoughtful subject matter just ahead. “The Children’s Hour” takes place at a girl’s boarding school in the 1930s. When one of the girls […]

‘Allison’s Hour’

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To kick off my last semester on campus, I’ve begun rehearsing for the Schuster Theatre’s production of “The Children’s Hour.” The play focuses on a trouble-making student who makes an accusation against two female teachers at an all-girl school. I have also started an internship at the Erie Playhouse working as a marketing and education assistant. […]