Gannon’s Ultimate Fave 2013 is…

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After weeks of voting, the Gannon University community has spoken and our Ultimate Fave 2013 has been decided — by a landslide. We can officially report that the winner of our 2013 Ultimate Fave tournament is… Starbucks! With 88% of the vote (versus 13% of the votes going to Waldameer), it was a solid victory […]

The finalists for GU’s 2013 Ultimate Fave are…

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After weeks of voting, Edge’s 2013 Ultimate Faves tournament is down to just two places vying for the title. The choice is up to you. Which location should be crowned Gannon’s 2013 Ultimate Fave? The contenders are: Starbucks: The State Street Starbucks store is definitely a campus favorite. Whether they’re looking for a quiet place to […]

Ultimate Faves: Final Four face off!

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On to the Final Four! After another week of voting, we can announce the remaining faves that will square off in the semifinals. Favorite Place to Eat: Molly Brannigan’s Favorite Study Spot: Starbucks Favorite Local Attraction: Waldameer Favorite Hangout: Plymouth Tavern  Now’s your chance — pick which two faves should advance to the championship round. […]

Ultimate Faves: Elite Eight faves square off

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Here at GU, March Madness isn’t limited to the women’s basketball team. Edge’s Ultimate Fave tournament is down to just eight spots. Cast your votes now to determine which faves advance to the Final Four. Voting ends Monday, March 25. Favorite Place to Eat: [VOTING HAS CLOSED] Eliminated in the last round: Knight’s Cove, Sidewalk […]

Gannon’s Ultimate Fave: Sidewalk Cafe or Presque Isle State Park?

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UPDATE: Voting has ended. You submitted your nominations in February. You voted in March. It’s April, and it’s time to cast one final vote to determine Gannon’s Ultimate Fave. In the final round of voting, we’re down to just two locations: the Sidewalk Cafe and Presque Isle State Park. If you want to do some […]

Ultimate Fave Final Four: Which Places Should Advance?

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UPDATE: Voting has ended. Results are posted below. ————— We’re one step closer to determining Gannon’s Ultimate Fave as the field narrows to four contenders. Those four have claimed the titles of Gannon’s Favorite Place to Eat, Gannon’s Favorite Place to Study, Gannon’s Favorite Place to Shop, and Gannon’s Favorite Hangout. In this round, the […]

Ultimate Fave Elite Eight: Vote for the Final Four!

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UPDATE: After a week of voting, the polls have now closed. ————— Your votes from Round 2 of Gannon’s Ultimate Fave tournament have been tallied, and  some very close races have been decided. Did your picks advance to the next round?  Check out the results and vote below. Choose from the Elite Eight and help […]