[VIDEO] Working toward my future

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Work-study jobs are a great way to earn money while in college. They offer professional experience, flexible hours and the opportunity to meet people. Check out my vlog for more details. [youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/hCu0PqZC5Gc”] Like Gannon? Be one of the 5,000+ fans of Gannon University on Facebook.

Sarah’s Big Plans and Big Screen Adventures

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I cannot believe it’s already July. Soon enough, my family and I will be on a week-long vacation to the Outer Banks in NC, and I’ll be packing everything that I need so I’m ready to move back to Gannon’s campus. However, there’s still a lot going on before either of these events, so I’m […]

David’s Cool Tech Job and Advice for New Freshmen

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Happy summer vacation everyone! I have been having such a great summer so far. I went to my third and last prom with my girlfriend who just graduated high school. I was really excited to see her and my family after ending the semester for the summer. I was especially excited not to have to […]

The Joe Show: Stay Busy, Stay Happy

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I have been extremely busy lately. I have one sock left in my dresser, and am wondering how I’m going to find time to do laundry tonight. I have a music test tomorrow which may sound easy, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a challenge. I’m working on two pieces for you […]