Sending My Stories in For Publication

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Constructive Criticism – who doesn’t love it? Or, in my case, hate it. Recently, someone very close to me (*cough cough* my best friend) told me I should start publishing my short stories. Hearing her say this, I immediately tuned out and went about my day (watching Netflix and eating Oreos). After she realized I […]

#edgeREWIND: 5 things you didn’t know about English majors

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We all have an idea preconceived about English majors and how they spend their time, but how correct could those assumptions be? Here’s a few things that might just change your mind. English majors aren’t just writers. There’s this notion that possessing a degree in English means teaching or writing as a career. While those […]

Students Learn Screenwriting from a Pro

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Being an undeclared freshman, I’ve had a lot of different classes this year that have focused on many different majors and areas of study.  These would include intro classes in philosophy, computer sciences, history, communications and theology. With all of these classes, there was one that was unlike the rest. The screenwriting course offered here […]