High school students: Get your work published on Edge

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Edge is looking for high school students to join our new High School Network, in which students like you act as correspondents. These correspondents will be able to sharpen and demonstrate their writing skills while giving us an inside look at their high school experiences. If you enjoy writing and/or taking pictures and want to […]

VIDEO Q & A: Carol Hayes Talks College Essays

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What’s the difference between writing in high school and writing in college? And what are some tips for writing great college application essays? Get answers from Carol Hayes, an English instructor at Gannon. Rock the vote — for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave!

Eternal Sunshine: Where Are You Going?

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Life can be scary, that’s an undeniable fact we all have to face sometimes. But the thing that makes that a little easier is realizing that that ‘scary’ feeling can sometimes push us in directions of progress and change.

10 Ways We Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Get a Gannon Scholarship

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It’s no secret that college can be a financial burden on students and their families, but many schools – Gannon included – hit the mark on sending much-needed aid to students. If you’ve already applied for scholarships outside of Gannon, don’t think you’ve exhausted all routes for finding extra cash for college. The college itself […]