It’s easy to look outside and feel gloomy when you see snow, but don’t you remember the days of yesteryear when the snow meant glorious activities with all your friends? Gannon has snow and with snow comes opportunities. Here are 10 ways to have fun in the snow.

10. Snowball Fight. There’s something classic about a good old-fashioned snowball fight. Pick teams, build a fort and let it rip. Just try not to hit any faculty – unless they start it.

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9. Sledding. Who can forget the glorious days spent sledding? Given that it’s a city, some people may dismiss Gannon as a location to sled, but several parks have hillsides that make for perfect sledding conditions. Some even have staircases built into the hills to make getting back up much easier.

8. Snowboarding/Skiing. Skiing and snowboarding are the most extreme ways of chilling in the snow, and if you’ve never tried it, Peek’n Peak is just about 30 minutes away – now is the time to try.

7. Tubing. If skiing or snowboarding is a little too much for you but sledding doesn’t give you quite the rush you need, then snow tubing may be right for you. Peek ’n Peak offers a dedicated service solely for snow tubing.

6. Ice sculpting. Gannon is full of artistic people and if you haven’t been able to find that medium of choice, try ice sculpting. Get some hot water and a flat head screwdriver and chisel away your new work of art.

5. Build a snowman. He may not become a magical singing cartoon character, but there’s something nostalgic about building a frozen friend. Three big snowballs and a mismatched collection of everyone’s extra snow gear can make the coolest dude around. Just don’t get too attached.

4. Build an igloo. Who doesn’t want a little hut to call their own? At least you won’t have a roommate in this makeshift cave.  Pile up the snow and dig it out to make the perfect igloo for you and your friends. Just make sure its sturdy.

3. Make a snow angel. It may be called difficult and not that much fun, but making that perfect snow angel, the one with no foot prints at the bottom, is a triumph everyone secretly wants.

2. Check out the snow dunes. Presque Isle State Park turns into a beautiful winter wonderland each time the snow starts to fall. Check out Carly’s gorgeous photos of the Park this winter.

1. Go inside and get warm. After a long day of fun in the snow go, inside and warm up. Grab some hot cocoa from Doc’s Landing or the Cafeteria and relax. Everyone else may dread the snow, but you have turned their lemons into lemonade.

Speaking of skiing, Gannon actually offers a skiing class that allows students to attend their lesson at Holiday Valley.