Hello, this is Christina and Breanne writing from Detroit about our full third day. Today was filled with action and service. We started off the morning early, heading to Earthworks Farm. A part of our group worked together to sift compost that would then be raked and spread by some of the others to help prepare the soil for growing. This group also worked on pulling weeds around some of the garlic and strawberries that were growing. We took a brief intermission from working to walk down the street to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, where we were served a hot meal for lunch. They are kind and welcoming to all.

After resting and hydrating we were back to work in the afternoon. Along with sifting the compost, others worked on the land where we used three different farming tools to help break up the soil and get it ready for planting. We really made a dent and had the chance to meet and connect with fellow volunteers along the way. After working on the land, we went into the green house where we all repotted sprouting tomato saplings into larger pots. It was amazing knowing these plants are going to help feed others in the future.

After our time at Earthworks, we returned to Ohana Gardens to help finish a job started earlier this week and learned a lot about burdock root from Mama Diane. We then had the pleasure of walking to their compound to see all the progress and development from her, Kieth, and the others living there. Our group also had the opportunity to learn about sea moss from one of the men in the compound who runs a small business processing it. We finished out our day with a heavy reflection on poverty and security.