Arizona Day 4!

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Hi! I’m Julie, and I’m having a wonderful time with the rest of my group here in Tucson! Today, we left bright and early to spend the first part of our day with some preschool students at the Pio Decimo Center! After getting some quality playtime and helping the teachers with some tasks, we headed […]

Last Day in AZ

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We started the morning by getting to Pio Decimo at 9:00. Some of the crew made their last trip to Dutch Bros to fuel up for the day with smoothies and coffee. We did many small tasks today, like cleaning windows, painting bookshelves, pulling weeds, touching up the paint on the mural, and more. Today […]

Beyond the Wall: A Day of Discovery at the Nogales Border Patrol Station

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Morning rush following the beautiful sun rise on the second day of our service trip, we embraced what the day had in store for us. Today, John and Sharon, Gannon alumni, led us to a tour of the Nogales border patrol station, about an hour away. We explored the city of Tucson a bit more […]