Detroit Days 5 & 6

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This will be the last update from team Detroit! Hi, my name is Ha, one of the other team leaders and I will be sharing the last highlights from Friday and Saturday.  On Friday morning, we did the usual service at Earthworks – sifting compost and preparing beds. After lunch at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen […]

Detroit Day 4

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Hi everyone, it’s Tim for Day 4 of the Detroit ABST! Today we were back at Earthworks only to encounter a bit of rain! We divided into two groups- one went to the hoop house to do some raking, weeding, and harvesting and the other went to the greenhouse. At the greenhouse I helped with […]

Detroit Day 3

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Hello, this is Christina and Breanne writing from Detroit about our full third day. Today was filled with action and service. We started off the morning early, heading to Earthworks Farm. A part of our group worked together to sift compost that would then be raked and spread by some of the others to help […]

Detroit Day 2

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Day two of the trip to Detroit and this time coming from Adam. We started the day off in the house with a nice home cooked breakfast before heading out to Earthworks, a local urban garden here in Detroit associated with St. Bonaventure Monastery. Today we were given an amazing tour around the entire complex […]

Detroit Day 1

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The first update from the Detroit trip! My name is Mia, and I am one of the student leaders on the trip and I will be sharing a little about our first full day experiencing Detroit. On Monday, we started our day reflecting on the travel experience and creating affirmation bags for everyone. Affirmation bags […]

Day 1: Monday (Exploring Detroit)

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Today we had a free day to explore Detroit before starting some service tomorrow! We had a relaxing morning, packed some lunch, and headed to Belle Isle Park. Belle Isle is a 982 acre park in the Detroit river with multiple attractions such as museums and various education centers. We parked, hiked around parts of […]

The Last Hurrah

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Today was our last day at Earthworks, and the work did not lighten up. We started the morning by prepping the fields by cultivating and raking the dirt. This helps turn over the soil while getting the weeds and rocks out, creating a healthy environment for the plants to flourish. Some of us were lucky […]

Farming Fun

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We started the morning with another breakfast at the house. Again, there was a plethora of food: muffins, bagels, Pop-Tarts. Skylar even made breakfast sandwiches with the leftover tater tots and eggs. Then, we were off to Earthworks but late because Paul accidentally took the scenic route.  We met up with Tiger, AKA Tyler, who […]

What a Hoop-la!

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Hello from Detroit! Today was a busy day for us! We started doing our service at Earthworks and spent the day preparing the hoop house (similar to a greenhouse) for planting. This was not an easy task at all, especially with the unusually high temps we had (80s). We were joined by different volunteers in […]