We started the morning with another breakfast at the house. Again, there was a plethora of food: muffins, bagels, Pop-Tarts. Skylar even made breakfast sandwiches with the leftover tater tots and eggs. Then, we were off to Earthworks but late because Paul accidentally took the scenic route.

 We met up with Tiger, AKA Tyler, who was in charge of the garden. Today’s task he had for us was to clear the hay-covered strawberry fields. It was a grueling task as we had to rake multiple times and avoid destroying the flourishing strawberry plant. We were accompanied by two college-age students today, which was a nice company change as we’ve been working with older adults the last few days.  

We got about halfway done before we stopped for lunch; we said goodbye to the girls and headed inside to enjoy another meal at the soup kitchen. Today’s meal was chicken pot pie, an assortment of sides, and a big chunk of carrot cake. We had a lot of fun conversations during lunch, especially about accents. We talked about Pittsburgh, Ohio, Southern, Buffalo, and Detroit’s style of saying words like milk, pop/soda, Elementary, and Fire.

After lunch, we went back to the fields to complete the work that was yet to be finished. It was starting to get hot since there were no clouds, and temperatures ran around 85 degrees. So halfway through the afternoon session, we took a long water break with Tyler and played Black Magic. For those who have never played this game before, it is a “never tell” game, so it was entertaining watching everyone try to figure out how it is played. 

We left Earthworks around 3 pm to explore some more shops around Detroit. First, we went to the bead Museum and saw some African beads and abstract sculptures. Afterward, we went to a gift shop, ice cream shop, and chocolate Shoppe. On the way back from the stores, we ran into a 12-week-old puppy who was exceedingly timid, but regardless, it was a high for some.

For dinner, we ate some leftovers and enjoyed a touching reflection where were talked about the past, present, and future related to covid. We took a moment to reflect and honor those we have lost due to covid or those we could not give a proper goodbye to. Next, Skyler presented her PowerPoint on what each one of our dating profiles would look like; it was very comical.

Overall it was a great day, and we are excited about what we have in store for our last full day here in Detroit.