Know Your Employer – Types of Employment

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For my thesis class, I was assigned to read a few chapters from a book by John L. Munschauer called Jobs for English Majors and Other Smart People. In his book, Munschauer describes three different types of employment: The Meritocracy, American Traditional and Do-It-Yourself. According to Munschauer, it is important to understand the types of […]

Consider Your Options

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If you’re like me, when you enter your final semester of undergrad, you have no idea what you want to do. For me, I had so many interests that I wasn’t sure which to pursue. The only thing I knew about my future was that I was not considering graduate school. The idea of a […]

Don’t Wish It Away

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While you’re in the midst of your senior year, and even before, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of school, work, and possibly drama. Under all the stress, its common to just wish you were done. Also, in a perfect world, you’d so excited to begin your professional career and tell yourself, […]

Thesis: Choosing A Topic

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The one thing I’ve dreaded throughout my academic career is writing a thesis. As an English major, there were very few limits on potential topics. The broad range of options made selecting a topic incredibly stressful for me. I wanted to pick something that I would enjoy spending a semester researching and writing about. For […]