Day 6 – D.C.

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Washington DC ABST Day 6: Our final full day in DC was a busy one for sure. After enjoying waffles, bacon and sausage gravy made by the one and only Russell, we headed off to the Smithsonian National Zoo. We rode the metro for the first time and met one of the staff and several […]

Day 5 – D.C.

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Greetings from the D.C. Group, Today shift one woke up at 5:30 and not long after shift two was up and ready for coffee! We of course took our day 5 picture before we got ready for service. We served breakfast, which was oatmeal, cereal, a hardboiled egg, pumpkin bread, coffee, and juice. The men […]

Day 4 – D.C.

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Greetings from the D.C. Group, Today, as every day has been, was very packed. This morning Ashley and Elizabeth woke up for their morning coffee at 5:30…. per usual, to sit outside and chat while they sip on caffeine. Then we all got ready for the day and shortly after took our day 4 picture. […]