Hey there, Golden Knight! So, you are spending your summer in Erie, PA and your first thought might be boredom. But no worries, I’ve got you covered. My name is Alejandra. In this article, I will give you all the things I have learned since coming here. I know Erie can sound boring, but whether you are a local student or just visiting for summer classes, this guide will show you how to have a blast without needing a car to get around or spending all your budget. From thrilling rides to chill hangouts, I will give you my best tips to enjoy this summer in Erie.

Find friends

Everything is better with good company. Some people stay all summer for classes, others are athletes and others are just doing summer camps. People are arriving every few weeks. My first advice is to take advantage of that, make some new friends and get-to-know new people to help you enjoy your summer.

Take advantage of the bus

I also want to remind you that students can ride public transportation, The E bus (Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority), for free. My advice is to take advantage of that and go wherever you want to go. These buses go to all the cool spots, like Presque Isle, Millcreek Mall, the cinema and restaurants. Just pop the address into Google Maps and wait for the bus at the stop. Usually, it takes around 25 to 40 minutes to get where you want to go. 

Visit Erie’s Websites

Maybe you are tired of hearing that the internet is your most powerful tool, but it is true.  My piece of advice is to go to Erie’s social media pages and websites. With just one click, you can learn everything about a place. If you are new here, visit erie.com, eriedowntown.com or Gannon’s website. These websites always post summer concerts, activities at Perry Square or festivals around downtown that you can enjoy. 

Enjoy sunny days

If this is your first time in Erie, you need to know that most of the year is not as sunny as it is during the summer. My last piece of advice is to enjoy the sunshine as much as you can – go walk to Erie’s Bayfront or rent a bike in Gannon’s Recreation and Wellness Center. I am sure with the different ways you can get around Erie you will see it differently each time and discover something new.

My favorite places

For me, the green in the trees and the fresh air from the lake in summer in Erie are the best. Here is a list of my favorite places and events to go to in summer whether you want to be all afternoon alone, take a walk with friends, or have a day of enjoyment at the beach 

  • Festivals of art and local business at Perry Square
  • Presque Isle State Park my favorites beaches are 6 and 11 
  • Go for a walk to Frontier Park 
  • Waldameer Park and Water World
  • Festivals at Port Farms 
  • The concerts on Wednesdays at the beach 11
  • Dining at downtown restaurants 


Don’t let the lack of things limit your summer adventures in Erie, PA. With these bus-accessible and budget-friendly activities, you can make the most of your time off campus while creating unforgettable memories. So grab your friends, hop on the bus, and explore all that Erie offers this summer!


Be sure to check bus schedules and Weather updated to plan your outings accordingly to make the most of your time exploring Erie without trouble. Enjoy your summer adventure!