Day two of the trip to Detroit and this time coming from Adam. We started the day off in the house with a nice home cooked breakfast before heading out to Earthworks, a local urban garden here in Detroit associated with St. Bonaventure Monastery. Today we were given an amazing tour around the entire complex that they have by Wendy, the director at Earthworks Urban Farm. We got to see the hoop house and green house where they grow plants nearly year round, even during the cold months. After this we were shown to a repurposed lot that they use as a garden for garlic and other crops where they also taught us the importance of crop rotations. After this, Brother Greg from the monastery talked with us about the history and mission of the Capuchin Kitchen and we had a really great discussion with the man. 

After this we all went to the Henry Ford museum in nearby Dearborn. I walked around the museum and got to look at so many different eras of vehicles including the historic Model T and beautiful 50s classic whitewall drop tops. I also got to see beautiful historic items such as the chair that Abraham Lincoln sat in when he was assassinated along with the famous bus that Rosa Parks refused to move off of starting the Montgomery Bus Boycotts. 

After the museum and a quick rest at our place of residence, we were able to meet with local Gannon alumni in nearby Troy and got to learn about how the alumni network worked and just great stories of the old Gannon. Our evening ended with a great reflection on gentrification and how it has affected the Detroit community.