Ways to Embrace Your Alone Time

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    Who else loves their alone time as much as I do? As students, we are constantly surrounded by our peers with work, classes, and spending time with friends. People tend to forget how important alone time can be to simply let your mind and body rest after a long week.  Here are a […]

Planning Your Monthly Schedule Ahead of Time

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  Reaching the end of the semester, it’s hard to stay organized with the stress of final projects and exams lingering over our heads. I personally find myself more anxious during the end of the semester, trying to fit everything in and often forgetting about upcoming assignments. It’s important to plan your monthly schedule ahead […]

Great Morning Routines to get You Awake and Alert

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Some people really struggle to get their day started every morning, especially if it involves waking up before the sun is up. If you don’t wake up already energized and ready to take on the day, here are a few ways to help you get on that track: Morning Meditation Meditation can be hard for […]

How Reading Daily Can Improve Your Life

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Are you one of those people that don’t consider themselves a reader? If you would answer ‘yes,’ then I am about to change your mind! Growing up, my parents used to tell me to read a chapter or two in a book before turning on the tv after school. Sometimes this would frustrate me because, […]

How to Remain Healthy During These Long Winter Months

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Winters in Erie, PA seem to last longer than we all anticipate, and that makes it much harder to remain healthy and as motivated as we were in the beginning of the school year. Waking up for early classes when there’s a fresh snowfall outside makes it so hard to get out of bed, but […]

Eliminating Technology to Help Better Your Study Habits

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As a student, it is so easy to get distracted by technology while trying to get work done. In today’s society, students may find ways to incorporate technology into their study routine, but other students may simply find it as a distraction. Here are some ways to help you break the habit of reaching for […]

Helpful Tips To Get Motivated This Semester

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  Getting back into the school routine is hard for everyone, especially after having three months off from stress free school work. Some people jump right back into it with no problem, but others struggle to find that motivation and get their minds out of summer mode. Here are a few things to keep you […]

Essential Oils That Are Essential For Your Diffuser

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      Something we have all been seeing in our friends offices, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. are essential oil diffusers. People use oil diffusers simply for the fact that it looks cool, and also for self-care reasons. It is said that certain essential oil scents affect your mood or have specific health benefits. An essential […]

Wellness Wisdom: Tips to Improve Your Sleep Schedule

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      As college students, we all complain about how we’re “so tired” and contemplating whether or not to begin your day or go straight back to bed. Even in the summer time our sleep schedule may get a little off balance due to work, summer classes, or any other thing us college kids […]

Why You Should Try Beach Yoga

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  There is one thing that everybody who lives in Erie needs to try….. and that’s beach yoga! It is no secret that yoga is an awesome stress reliever and great exercise. We are so lucky that we are able to attend a University that happens to be so close to a lake, and I […]