As a student, it is so easy to get distracted by technology while trying to get work done. In today’s society, students may find ways to incorporate technology into their study routine, but other students may simply find it as a distraction. Here are some ways to help you break the habit of reaching for your phone when attempting to get some studying done:


  1. Delete apps from your phone

If you delete the apps you find yourself most tempted to click on constantly, they won’t be there when you grab your phone. Reaching for your phone might have already become a habit to when studying, not even knowing you are doing it on purpose. When you unlink your phone to click on those apps, you will remember you deleted them for a reason! You will then put your phone back down and get back into study mode.


  1. Keep your phone on do not disturb

If you’re a person that likes to keep their phone in sight even while doing schoolwork, keeping your phone on do not disturb is a good way to keep you from getting distracted. When your phone is on do not disturb, the screen doesn’t light up when you receive a text or call so you are less likely to pick up and check your phone when it isn’t constantly lighting up and going off.


  1. Hide your phone in your drawer

If it has to come to this, just turn your phone off and hide it in your desk drawer so you just forget about it all together! If you are someone that finds yourself way to tempted to go on your phone if it is anywhere in sight, it’s a good idea to just shut it off and hide it for a while so you can attempt to get some work done.


  1. Set a timer

If you set a timer for a specific amount of time, when reaching for your phone you will remember why you set a timer and put it back down. When the timer goes off, it’s time to take a study break and make time to answer your friends’ texts or make any phone calls.


If you chose to take advantage of these study habits, you will find yourself getting much more productive when trying to study or get homework done!