Get Ready! The 4 Important Changes You Need to Know About the 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

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As we approach the opening of the 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as college students, it is imperative to underscore the significance of upcoming changes that will impact the financial aid application process in general. In this article, we will discuss four crucial changes that you need to be aware of as […]

The insider’s guide to Navigating Student Employment on Campus: how to secure and retain a meaningful position

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Working on campus can be a valuable and rewarding aspect of your college experience. It provides an opportunity to gain practical skills, earn income, and develop professional connections. However, it’s essential to navigate the competitive job market effectively and retain your position once you secure it. In this article, I will guide you through the […]

The Third day of Arizona Trip

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Hello. I’m Hiyori from Japan. I am an exchange student majoring in Psychology at Gannon and I am participating in the Arizona ABST! We left our house at 7:45am and headed to the Pio Decimo center. It was cloudy but warmer than yesterday. We worked on painting that we had left over from yesterday. While […]

Day One: Enterprising Latinas

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Hello this is Kiara one of the leaders! Today we started our first day of service with Enterprsing Latinas! This is an organization that works to help latina women get there lives going! They are based in Wimauma, Florida and 80% of this region consists of hispanic population. We got to meet such wonderful people […]

Sunday Fun-Day!

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Hey everyone! It’s Danielle Lanphere, one of the leaders on the Ruskin ABST! After a tiring travel day, we went to Hooks for dinner and had gator bites! We got settled in for the night, grocery shopped and planned out our exciting next day. Sunday was our fun day before our work week began. We […]

L’Arche Mexico Day 4

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We started our day with an impromptu cultural conversation shared over warm cups of coffee, yogurt, granola, and toast. Shortly after breakfast we prepared for our first service activity of the day; planting in the garden. Time in the Garden . . . Our group began by weeding the front beds of the El Arca […]

L’Arche Mexico Day 3

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¡Buenos días! Today we had an exciting day of service at the El Arca home! We used a solution of salt, lime, and water to “paint” rocks and trees in the garden after we organized the rocks to line the flower beds and circle the trees. While some of our group was outside, others repainted […]

L’Arche Mexico Day 3 ✈️☀️

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This morning we started our day with breakfast and then began our service! We painted rocks to beautify the garden outside and we also painted the interior walls and ceiling! It was amazing to see our hard work pay off! After our work, we ate lunch with the core members and got to see their reactions to the new walls! We had siesta time where we got to rest up and make a plan for the rest of the night. We then ventured to Walmart where we got to buy some Mexican snacks! We then came back to try our food, watched an amazing sunset, and ate some amazing salsa made by Dr. Lavery! Overall, it was an amazing day and we had so much fun!

Arizona ABST Sunday February 25, 2024-Day 2

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Hello from Tucson, Arizona! This Sarah Ludwig and Jenna Miller. Today was our first full day here, and it was filled with so much fun. We started off by driving to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. On our way there, we took a pit stop to enjoy the magnificent scenery. At the desert museum, we […]