Gannon’s department offers over five different bachelor’s degrees ranging from early childhood education and early intervention to secondary education. I am now one semester away from student teaching and two semesters away from my degree in Early Childhood and Special Education. Being so far along in this program has made me realize that it has grown to be a major part of my life. In saying that, I know I speak for many others. For my fellow future educators, here are 25 signs you’re an Education Major:

1. When you’ve mastered “the look.” (the ‘you’re doing something wrong’ look)

2. When the majority of your free time is spent on Pinterest looking up cute lesson ideas and classroom organization techniques.

3. When the only books you check out at the library are Dr. Seuss books.

4. When crafting becomes a priority.

5. When you feel weird wearing sweats to class.

6. “When words like curriculum and cognition come up during dinner conversation.” – Dr. Robin Quick, Education Department Professor

7. When almost all of your assignments require a trip to the craft store.

8. When you stay up all night, not to study for an exam but, to make sure you have absolutely everything prepared for your next day at placement.

9. “When you have professors that know when you are stressed and will not begin class until everyone ‘is good and relaxed.’ “– Leah Roscoe, Junior Early Childhood and Special Education Major

10. When your bedtime is the same time as your first grade placement students’ bedtime.

11. When there are only 10 students in all of your classes so naturally you know everything about each other and become best friends.

12. When sharing stories in class is not only allowed but encouraged.

13. “When you get lost going to a class that isn’t in Palumbo.” – Elizabeth Mayer, Senior Early Childhood and Special Education Major

14. When you turn in an assignment that isn’t laminated you feel like you didn’t turn in your best work.

15. “When someone says “teaching is easy” you instantly get defensive.” – Kelli Ferko, Junior Secondary Mathematics Major

16. When you own a personal laminator.

17. When you ask for stickers, craft supplies and organizers as Christmas/birthday gifts.

18. “When one bag to carry all your supplies just isn’t enough, so you have one for each day of the week.” – Rosa Fatica, Junior Early Childhood and Special Education Major

19. When your professors become a second parent to you.

20. “When you know what IEP, LRE, and PBSP stand for.” – Elizabeth Mayer, Senior Early Childhood and Special Education Major

21. When you’re out on the town and you have kids coming up and hugging you because you had them as a student in class.

22. “When the first thing you do after a full day spent with over 20 first graders is put your sweats on.” – Clara Drake, Sophomore Early Childhood and Special Education Major

23. When you have to beg your advisor for more prints every semester because 500 prints aren’t nearly enough.

24. “When you check out items put out by the curb because there might be something you can use in a project.” – Dr. Robin Quick, Education Department Professor

25. When you have more than three different designs of lunch pails to bring to school and on placements.