Dreams: Men’s Wrestling Team

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The Men’s Wrestling Team at Gannon University is a standout in the world of collegiate sports. Their athletic prowess is matched by the diverse dreams and aspirations that fuel their drive. Hailing from different parts of the globe and representing various cultures, ages, and backgrounds, these wrestlers are united by a passion for wrestling and […]

Navigating the Path to Grad School: A Glimpse into the Gannon SSS Trio Experience in North Carolina

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Members of Gannon University’s Student Support Services (SSS) Trio spent spring break learning, exploring and building professional networks during the annual graduate school visit trip. The trip aimed to provide students with practical insights into the crucial next phase of academic life and fostering an environment of learning, collaboration and professional development. This immersive trip […]

L’Arche Mexico Day 5 & 6

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We started our last couple days earlier than normal. We got up about an hour earlier than normal, ate breakfast as a group, then we were off to join the core members at the El Arca workshop for the day! El Arca Workshop The El Arca core members go to the workshop during the day […]

Merida, Mexico Day 3

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Hi, I’m Jess and I’m a sophomore environmental engineering major. On Monday we went on a tour of the daycare, medical dispensary, mission office, and the after-school program for girls. We learned about the differences between practices in the United States and Mexico in child and health care. We also had the opportunity to eat […]