This is Ashley Caldwell and Team Ruskin has the pleasure of recapping our final day of service for you! Our day of service started with transferring tables and tvs to the sanctuary at Beth El Ministries as they prepare to bring many delegates to their facility. Once that was complete. We of course had a competition of who could unpackage and then pack the care packages the fastest! The “elders” won- I think! We then packed into the Beth El van and were transported to the fields where over 100 migrant farm workers were tying tomato plants. We distributed care packages to the farm hands which were filled with food and other needed supplies. We all could feel the dust on our skin within minutes. After distribution we returned to Beth El where we were treated with authentic Mexican cuisine. Not only was the food amazing, but knowing it was prepared with the purest of intentions brought our team great comfort. We broke bread with the employees of Beth El in which we reflected on our week. Our team shared our experience and it was a beautiful experience for all. We returned back to our living space where we shared our last dinner together and cleaned our living space. A few of the team went on a walk where we were quietly judged by Kaif on our walking styles… I was judged as a Dolphin… but that will come forth later in this blog. We returned to a deep reflection where we shared our experiences in the week. We played hot seat which allowed a forum for us to affirm what our teams strengths. Afterward we were ready to finally read our bag of notes from our teammates. It was a beautiful experience and also, ended in a full on roast! Overall, this team started off as complete strangers but we now consider each other elderlies, aunts, sisters, brothers, cool aunts and friends! #teamruskinabst ROCKS!