Greetings from then Arizona Border ABST. This is Sarah Ludwig and Jenna Miller. This morning, we woke up bright and early and headed straight over to the Pio Decimo Center to finish up some service from earlier this week. Some of us organized sheds while others painted the rest of the fence around the children’s playground. After we finished, we all signed our names onto a bench near the playground where we did our service. For lunch, we had food from a local restaurant called Eegees. We devoured the subs and slushies! We said our tough goodbyes to the Pio Decimo Center and then departed for a hike at Sabino Canyon. We took the tram up to the top of the canyon and then hiked our way own. On our way down, we took incredible photos and watched the sun go down. For dinner we decided to try another local restaurant called Casa Molina. The food was extremely tasty, and it was exactly what we needed after an active day! Then, we headed home for reflection and went to bed. Today was an incredible day. We are sad that tomorrow is our last full day in Arizona, but we are so grateful for the connections we have made on this trip and the fun that we have had.