The Men’s Wrestling Team at Gannon University is a standout in the world of collegiate sports. Their athletic prowess is matched by the diverse dreams and aspirations that fuel their drive. Hailing from different parts of the globe and representing various cultures, ages, and backgrounds, these wrestlers are united by a passion for wrestling and a shared pursuit of happiness and success.

Andrija Ivanovic, an esteemed athlete on the team, embodies the spirit of desire and national pride. For him, wrestling is more than just a sport; it’s a platform to represent his homeland, Serbia, while also contributing to the legacy of Gannon University. His advice echoes the importance of embracing all facets of life, recognizing that success stems from a holistic approach.

Nick Coreno, another stalwart of the team, dreams of clinching the National Championship in his category in 2024. His ambition is matched only by his wisdom, as he emphasizes the correlation between hard work, happiness, and success. To him, the path to victory lies in dedication and perseverance.

Amarfio Reynolds, Jr., carries with him the heartfelt desire to continue making his parents proud through his wrestling journey. His advice cuts straight to the chase, reminding us that laziness has no place on the road to achievement. For Amarfio, every training session is an opportunity to honor his family and push himself beyond his limits.

Leading this great team is Thomas M. Boyd, the Head Coach whose goal is to secure a Division National Championship rather than individual accolades. His leadership philosophy is based on the idea that happiness leads to success. Coach Boyd believes that achieving a balance between personal fulfillment and athletic excellence is crucial to reaching the pinnacle of achievement.

The dreams and aspirations of the Gannon University Men’s Wrestling Team serve as an inspiration for all, transcending barriers of nationality and reminding us of the potential for greatness within us all.

Dreams will continue…