Are you one of those people that don’t consider themselves a reader? If you would answer ‘yes,’ then I am about to change your mind!

Growing up, my parents used to tell me to read a chapter or two in a book before turning on the tv after school. Sometimes this would frustrate me because, as a kid, all I wanted to do was watch my favorite show on the Disney Channel! College students can relate to this exact thing, except their parents aren’t here to make them read and instead of the Disney Channel, it’s a new binge-worthy show on Netflix.

College students may spend most of their downtime from classes watching Netflix or just scrolling through social media. Many people may say they don’t have time to pick up a book with all the school work they have due, but there is always room to make time!
Replacing your daily screen time with a book is a great start. Almost everyone makes time in their day to watch their favorite show. Now, instead of watching TV, make time to read a new book, whether it’s a fiction novel, non-fiction, a biography or a self-help book. Any type of book is a great way to not only nurture your brain but bring mindfulness to your hectic every-day schedule.

Reading can be a sort of meditation; when you get lost in a great book, you aren’t worrying about everything you have to do tomorrow and are focusing on just one thing at a time. If you really don’t consider yourself a reader, just try skimming through a self-help book or book of poems. These books are easy to pick up once a day even for only five minutes. There are always helpful tips to flip your day around to give you a more positive outlook and you might start to enjoy it!
Slowly replacing your phone or tablet with a book for a little bit out of your day will do wonders for your mind and soul! Once you start, you won’t want to stop!
Here are a few of my personal favorite self-help and poetry books to get you started: