There is one thing that everybody who lives in Erie needs to try….. and that’s beach yoga! It is no secret that yoga is an awesome stress reliever and great exercise. We are so lucky that we are able to attend a University that happens to be so close to a lake, and I think everybody needs to take advantage of that any way that they can.

Plasha Yoga is a yoga studio located at Village West, which is only less than a mile west of Peninsula Drive. Plasha Yoga offers sunset yoga sessions on Presque Isle every Monday and Thursday night. If you think you are considered a beginner, the class from 5:30PM-7:00PM on Monday is strictly for mixed level beginners looking to give yoga a try. If you consider yourself more of an experienced beginner, the class that begins at 7:15PM until sunset on Monday night is the perfect class for you.  Everyone moves at their own pace, so if you are someone that is more comfortable with practicing on their own, there is more than enough room on Presque Isle to lay out a blanket away from everyone and practice all on your own.

If you’re on the fence about wanting to practice yoga, here are a few benefits that will help you decide:

  1. Yoga can decrease your stress

Specifically for college students, we tend to get stressed out when we have loads of work due by the end of the week. Meditation is a huge part of yoga, which allows you to focus in the moment and take the time to steady your breathing. Students can find themselves feeling more at ease when practicing yoga because they are focusing on something other than the amount of assignments they need to finish.


  1. Reduces health risks

It has been said that yoga can reduce high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and stress (as listed before) which are all known risk factors that lead to future heart disease. The natural excersises and meditation practices that take place during yoga benefit your physical and mental health in the long run.


  1. Effective with developing a more positive outlook on life

While practicing yoga, your mind reaches a positive place where you can finally feel calm after a chaotic day. Once you increase your yoga practice from once a week to every day, you begin to look forward to entering mental clarity where you can clear your mind of all the negative thoughts you had throughout the day. Doing this every single day will create a habit of only focusing on the positive things as opposed to all the negative.